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about ann

Ann Garcia has a Ph.D. in psychology, a creative drive that never rests, and a passion for photography and beautiful words.

Her creative writing, which is highly introspective and evocative, primarily explores nature, self, and love. She draws inspiration from waters and woodlands within the Great Lakes region of the USA and her life as a wife/artist/mother/scientist. Her work can be found in publications by Humana Obscura, Blood Moon Poetry, Sunday Mornings At The River, and others.

Ann is active within the poetry community on Instagram. Find her on Instagram @solaceinraindrops or in the nearest garden where she’s bound to be taking photos of blooms, bees, or slime mold while holding off two corgis and trying not to hear her kids yelling, “Mom!”

about river blossoms press

River Blossoms Press is my publishing house, which I founded for artistic expression.

river · ever-flowing life

blossoms · art that grows within

This house neither rushes nor expects and it grows in its own time. Just like my life.


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