Beta Reading

Ann is currently CLOSED to requests for her beta reading service.

Are you a writer seeking feedback for your already-edited poetry or fiction? If so, Ann Garcia (founder of River Blossoms Press) will be offering an occasional beta reading service.

A quality beta read should provide a writer with feedback from the perspective of their desired readership for a book that is already edited, but still in the revision phase. And a single beta read is never enough. Every manuscript (or poem) that a writer wishes to publish should be read by multiple beta readers in order for the writer to identify common areas of concern that may need reworking before submission to literary agents or publishers.

What type of beta reader is Ann? In one word: thorough. She provides positive, yet constructive, feedback from the perspective of a reader. Beta reading is not an editorial service; however, Ann naturally brings her editorial expertise to any reading that she does. (It’s part of who she is.) Ann’s feedback typically includes information such as:

Additionally, Ann may provide general suggestions to consider as next steps to help fix some of what she felt were problem areas. In the end, writers must rely on themselves to identify what does or doesn’t need fixing, but sometimes outside suggestions help get ideas and decisions percolating.

At this time, Ann is seeking to expand her experience in providing beta feedback, which is why this service is currently free. She finds beta reading to be an extremely rewarding, and educational, experience. It is one of her favorite writerly things to do!

Ann has already provided quality beta feedback for the following:
√ 1 middle-grade novel
√ 1 young adult novel
√ 1 historical romance
√ 2 full-length poetry manuscripts

Ann is currently offering this service for free, but this may not always be the case. If she starts charging for this service, she will be unable to provide feedback on any poetry or fiction that writers might wish to submit for publication through River Blossoms Press as it is vital to avoid a conflict of interest.

The following article posted by The Write Life provides an excellent guide to working with beta readers: Writing Feedback: The Ultimate Guide to Working with Beta Readers. If you’re not already well acquainted with the concept of beta readers, please check it out.