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Love Me Like October

“He’d been invited to dance with a poet, but his mind slipped through her words and scattered across the floor.

While their music played, she knelt to pick up his pieces and then strung them into a necklace she’d wear forevermore.”

Within her second poetry chapbook, Love Me Like October, Ann Garcia’s sensual words and nature photography weave themselves into a guide about how to love.

prose poetry

Fantastical for Real

Fantastical for Real invites you to escape adulthood, think outside life’s box, and join Ann Garcia on a (self) love journey via her unique brand of prose poetry. Inspired by a metaphysical connection that resulted in significant inner growth, Fantastical for Real weaves appreciation for nature into Ann’s concept of the creative’s self, the creative’s soul mate, and the potential found inside where hopes and disappointments play tug-of-war while the soul plans its triumph.

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