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Hi! I’m Ann Garcia and River Blossoms Press is my publishing house.

After years of writing, editing, and observing the literary landscape, I realized that the traditional publishing world was not the right place for my creative work and me. After much reflection, I established my own publishing house to experience the reward of creating books as an author-publisher. At River Blossoms Press, I manage everything from editing to cover design to interior layout to publication.

I have over 20 years of experience writing and editing within the scientific realm. (I have a Ph.D. in psychology.) Over the past decade, I’ve focused on developing my skills in writing and editing fiction and poetry. More recently, I’ve been teaching myself photography and design because it’s so much fun!

Everything about River Blossoms Press is original and created by me because I believe in using my skills to the max. I even designed this website. Cool fact: creative and artistic work can help protect a brain from dementia.

If you’re a writer or creative, always remember to be true to yourself. That’s what I’m doing through River Blossoms Press. My publishing house is small and unknown, but it’s mine…and that fact feels absolutely fantastic!

Thank you for spending a moment with me. Until next time, be safe, be happy, be you!


Owner/Editor/Designer · River Blossoms Press

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ann garcia, author

Ann’s creative writing, which is highly introspective and evocative, primarily explores nature, self, and love. She draws inspiration from waters and woodlands within the Great Lakes region of the USA and her life as a wife/artist/mother/scientist. Her work can be found in publications by Humana Obscura, Blood Moon Poetry, Sunday Mornings At The River, and others.

Ann is active within the poetry community on Instagram where she’s a member of The First Line Poets Project. Find her on Instagram @solaceinraindrops or in the nearest garden where she’s bound to be taking photos of blooms, bees, or slime mold while holding off two corgis and trying not to hear her kids yelling, “Mom!”

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