A small, independent publishing house focused on individuality and artistry within poetry & prose.

Est. 2021

river noun

ever-flowing life

blossoms noun

art that grows within

Meet the Editor

Hi! I’m Ann Garcia, Ph.D., a poet/ writer/ scientist-practitioner with a creative drive that busts the box and a passion for poetry and prose. I established River Blossoms Press (RB Press), my greatest creative endeavor, to experience the reward of publishing books that I create.

Because the publishing industry is a big business, many beautiful written works will never be printed simply because they aren’t expected to sell. This is where RB Press diverges from the worn path.

River Blossoms Press is a publishing house founded for artistic expression.

I have a dream of inviting other writers to submit for publication through RB Press. Whether RB Press will move beyond strict self-publishing is an uncertainty right now; it is likely to depend on how much outside interest this creative endeavor obtains. If you’d like to watch this blossom unfold, please follow the RB Press Blog and me, Ann Garcia (@solaceinraindrops), on Instagram.

Latest post on the RB Press Blog…

Fantastical, For Real

Poetry Chapbook #1

In this selection of prose poetry, Ann blends fantasy with reflections about nature, self, and love. She invites you to escape adulthood and think outside life’s box…even if just for a few precious moments.

Dreams of Us

Part 1 – An Introspective Love Story

When Aaron’s wife died, he lost both his passion for art and his hope for family. When a long-lost crush teaches his son with Down syndrome to talk, Aaron’s heart is won. But her post-traumatic stress disorder, and his own fear of loss, are bent on destroying his chance of becoming a family with her.


His hand released hers because his darkness took a turn, giving him a flicker of emotional pain deep inside. Until three years ago, he’d been mentally healthy. And fifteen years ago, he was a different man. Katrina’s rejection was nothing more than a disappointment. Nothing to lose sleep over. Nothing to hurt over. Nothing of significance. She was just an incredibly beautiful woman who said no to a date. It didn’t matter how much he felt for her because she felt nothing back. She said no and that was that. He got over it. No biggie. In fact, if he’d known she was dating another guy, he’d have respected for her for turning him down because it was the right thing to do. But now…

Mental disorder is irrational. All it does is hurt. 

His darkness took this news of Connor and, in an instant, turned it against Aaron. It infused his mind with regretful ideas like…if this date happened fifteen years ago…if he’d held her hand ages ago…if he’d have given her that hug long ago…if he’d married her…everything would be different. Better. No loss. No heartache. No demon inside his head. 

But that would’ve meant no Rose. 

And no Isaac

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